Corporate Identity
ABSA St Johann Logo
Logo design for corporate tour
Logo upgrade, stationery design – www.bmseducation.co.za
Logo design - www.carbonsouthafrica.co.za
Logo and business card design - www.chikaraonthego.com
Logo design
Dynamic Academy
Logo and business card design
Logo design
Logo and icon design - www.eaturgreens.com
Eat with Emma
Logo upgrade - www.eatwithemma.com
Logo and business card design - website coming soon!
Future Fitness
Logo and stationery design - www.futurefitness.co.za
Gabriel Shai
Logo and stationery design - www.gabrielshai.co.za
iPlay Gyms
Logo and business card design - www.iplaygyms.co.za
Logo and business card design - www.marclenferna.com
Laurence Martin
Logo design - www.laurencemartin.co.za
Logo concept presented to client
Pimp Media
Logo, mini brand guide and stationery design - www.pimp-media.co.za
Reptile Corner
Logo design
VSTS rangers
Logo design
Inovation Light
Logo and business card design
Tanya McLean
Business card design - www.tanyamclean.co.za
Logo design
Blue Apple Recruitment
Logo design
Add Magic
Logo upgrade and stationery design
Bela Luz
Stationery design
Reptile Corner
Green Time Dance Company
Logo design
Reptile Corner
Spotlight Music
Logo and stationery design
Reptile Corner
Bastante Tax Services
Logo design
Print Design
Add Magic Company Profile
Company profile
Claire Demo CD
Demo disc cover, booklet and CD label
Datebook Pitch
Logo and icon design and promotional elements for launch - concept presented to client
EatUrGreens Promotional Giveaway
Promotional give-away for SAANT seminar
Lenferna Company Profile
Company profile
Lenferna Gift
Corporate year-end gift
Lenferna Company Profile & Notepad
Company profile
Lets Collaborate Posters
Promotional posters
Menu / name cards and certificates for Nedbank PA Gala Awards Dinner
Promotional poster, flyer and newspaper advert
Piatto Star Promo
Promotion - instore entry form, newspaper entry form and voucher, newspaper advert and bellywrap
Piatto Valentines Promo
Valentines promotion - instore pull up banner, entry box and entry forms
Eat with Emma Flyer
Flyer design
El Rincon Flamenco Lunares Programme
Programme design
El Rincon Pull Up Banner
Pull up banner design
Online Design
ABSA II Email Invite
Event invitation emailer with online RSVP
Alianza Website
Website upgrade - alianzaflamenca.com
Betterbond Awards Presentation
Awards evening presentation template
Dancers Website
Website design - www.dancerstudio.co.za
iPlaygyms Website
Website design - www.iplaygyms.co.za
Future Fitness Website
Website design - www.futurefitness.co.za
Nedbank Betterbond Emailer
Event invitation emailer with online RSVP
Piatto Emailer and Promotional Website
Emailer and promotional webpage
Tanya McLean
Webpage design - www.tanyamclean.co.za
Veronique Palmer
Webpage design - www.veroniquepalmer.co.za
EatUrGreens Website
Website upgrade - www.eaturgreens.com
EatUrGreens Newsletter
Newsletter design - www.eaturgreens.com
Lenferna Consulting
Website design - www.marclenferna.com
Social Responsibilty
Aniwell EcoVet Pull Up Banner
Pull-up banner design
Choc Party Invite
Flyer design
Furkids Charity Auction
Newspaper advert
Furkids Calendar
Calendar cover design and look and feel
Dancers Love Dogs
E-ticket design
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